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Cavalor Horse Feeds

Cavalor Equine Feeds are Available from Cherokee Feed & Seed in Ball Ground, GeorgiaCavalor Horse Feed logo

Cavalor is a world leader in performance equine feds and supplements. As a well-established European feed supplier, Cavalor has always strived to bring balance between nutrition, sport and nature. Through many years of experience and research, the nutrition team at Cavalor is proud to launch their new line of quality products in the USA and Canada.

Cavalor Equine Products

Cavalor Strucomix Original Horse Feed Cavalor Strucomix Original
The High Fiber Herbal Mixture-Low Starch Feed

Horses were originally prairie animals that used to search all day for grasses and herbs to eat. This can still be seen in their digestive system: a small stomach and a highly developed large intestine. Today horses have to manage on highly concentrated energy feeds, relatively little hay and almost no herbs… in fact contrary to nature. Strucomix Original is a complete maintenance feed that contains all the natural raw materials a horse would have freely sought itself in the past.

Cavalor Strucomix Senior Horse Feed Cavalor Strucomix Senior – Special High Fiber Feed
Keep Older Horses in Good Condition – Weight Builder

Older horses have a less efficient digestive system and also often less good teeth. As a result a number of adjustments have to be made to their feed. Strucomix Senior completely fulfills these special requirements. It mainly consists of extruded grains, which can be digested much more easily and lightly; biologically very high quality proteins, which are easily digestible and are converted quickly. Strucomix Senior contains Struconcept, which are easily digestible sources of cellulose which ensure that some of the need for crude cellulose is provided. This is important for the correct functioning of the digestive system.

Cavalor Comfort 01 Horse FeedCavalor Comfort
Mixture for Light, Active Competition Horses

Cavalor Comfort is formulated for competition horses in light work (4-8 hours a week). The choice of basic raw materials is specially tailored to light work performance, on the one hand, and the need to keep feed costs low on the other. Through the clever use of natural products and with insight into the actual requirement of the competition horse in light work, a mix has been formulated which more than fulfills the requirements of an excellent basic feed. Special attention is also given to the taste so that horses like to eat it. Comfort must be given in addition to forage to ensure the horse gets all its basic nutritional needs.

Cavalor Endurix Horse FeedCavalor Endurix
For Horses in Endurance Work

Endurix is a feed for competition horses that have to provide long distance performance, e.g. endurance, carriage-driving, military etc.

Cavalor Fifty Fifty Horse FeedCavalor Fifty-Fifty
Core Components of the Ultra Premium Cavalor Feeds

Fifty-Fifty contains all the elements which are also found in Superforce, Endurix and Perfomix – such as heat treated grains which are more easily digestible; high quality, easily digestible proteins; high levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids.

Cavalor Mash Mix Horse FeedCavalor Mash & Mix
Easily Digestible After Heavy Exertion

After a heavy effort a horse does not want highly concentrated energy feed, but prefers a light, easily digestible meal: Mash & Mix! It is specially formulated from very easily digestible natural raw materials. Mash & Mix exclusively contains extruded nutritional elements (mainly wheat, bran and linseed), tasty vegetables and herbs that stimulate the digestion and free the airways.

Cavalor Performix Horse FeedCavalor Performix
For Your Horse’s Daily Complete Dose of Sports Energy

Perfomix is a balanced competition mix for active horses that is given in addition to the daily ration of hay and straw. Perfomix contains all the elements that active recreational and competition horses need for light to average work.

Cavalor Pianissimo Horse FeedCavalor Pianissimo
For “Fiery” Horses and Horses Taking Things Easy

Pianissimo is specially formulated for horses and ponies prone to stress or horses that are hard to handle. Pianissimo contains herbs and other elements that counteract excessive sensitivity. In addition it contains all the nutritional components for a complete and balanced feed for sports horses. It is highly suitable for horses at rest.

Cavalor Superforce Horse FeedCavalor Superforce
Pure Power

Superforce is a top quality feed specifically suited for active competition horses that must produce very high efforts in a very short space of time for explosive performances in show-jumping, cutting, short distance racing, etc. With short intense efforts in which no call is made on oxygen (= anaerobic activities) the horse’s body mainly uses sugars, which it mainly gets from grains in its feed (oats, barley, wheat, corn).

More Detailed Nutritional Information

Visit the Cavalor Complete Feed Web site for detailed nutritional information on Cavalor equine feeds.

Special Ordering Available

Cherokee Feed & Seed can special order any Cavalor horse feed that is not shown on our Web site. To place an order for Cavalor products, please contact us.