DUST-FREE Bedding Available at Cherokee Feed & Seed

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Dust Extracted Bedding Made from 100% Premium Wheat Straw

Gold Fields Dust Extracted Straw Now Available at Cherokee Feed & Seed!

You’ve asked for dust-free bedding and now we’ve got it. Gold Fields Dust Extracted Straw reduces animal exposure to harmful dust, mold, salmonella and other pathogenic organisms, improving animal health and comfort. Gold Fields Bedding is chemical-free, does not give off odors and is easily composted.

Made from Premium 100% Wheat Straw

Created from premium 100% wheat straw sourced from Canada, Gold Fields Dust Extracted Wheat Straw provides soft footing for your horse and other animals as it stands or lies down.

Gold Fields Dust Extracted straw is:

  • Absorbent – Significantly more absorbent than raw straw and comparable to other leading bedding products
  • Biosecure – Sourced from clean wheat fields protected from contamination and produced in a biosecure facility
  • Convenient – Easy to lift, carry, spread out and sift

Dust-Free Gold Fields Bedding is available in compressed 3 cubic ft. bags that expand to 12 cubic ft. in both fine or original cut. Priced at $8.99/bag with volume discounts available. It is available at Cherokee Feed & Seed stores in Ball Ground and Gainesville, GA and at our North Fulton Feed & Seed store in Alpharetta, GA.

Visit our Equine Products – Shavings page to learn more about these dust-free shavings for your horses and other animals.

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