Equestrian Options in Cherokee County – Let Your Voice Be Heard

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Let Your Voice Be Heard

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An update to the Cherokee County Parks and Recreation meeting held on March 2nd 2016.

Thank you for joining the Cherokee County Equine Notification ListThere was a great turn out for the Cherokee County Recreation & Parks Agency meeting held on March 2nd 2016. It was the best attended the parks and recreation planner had seen in five years! Thank you all for coming out. When asked for a show of hands for equestrians, it seemed like the whole room was horse people! We had about 60 people and we have started a mailing list for those who want to stay informed.

It was made clear to Cherokee County officials that we are a wide and diverse group. Creating parks for the equestrian community will add to the quality of life in Cherokee County and also to the tax base. The county is planning now for the next 10 years. It is important to let your voice be heard. Get involved.

We spoke with Bryan Reynolds, Director of the Cherokee County Recreation & Parks Agency and he said there will be another public meeting in March or early April. We will let you know the date when it is announced. There is also an online survey being created for your input. It is not on their site yet and I have sent an email requesting the link when they get it on their site.

Those who attended the meeting got to fill out a form with suggestions of what direction we would like for the Cherokee County Recreation & Parks. Bryan Reynolds says that we still have time to get our suggestions to the county. We just need to wait for the county to get the link up.

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We should develop a document that shows the positive economic impact an equine facility could have on Cherokee County. If we can show the county that we can contribute to the tax base and not be a drain, will help us get an equestrian venue for show, camping, trail riding etc. Anyone who knows where to pull the numbers from can contact me.

We now have a sign up form on this Cherokee Feed & Seed Web site. We will be posting the latest updates on this site. Be sure to stay informed and let your voice be heard. Click on the button below to sign up to be notified of new public meeting and updates. See photos from the meeting below.

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