Stock-Up on Queen Easy Sift™ Pine Shavings for Horse & Poultry Bedding $4 per Bag!

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Queen Easy Sift™ Pine Shavings for Horse & Poultry Bedding

Special Pricing on Queen Easy Sift™ Pine Shavings – $4 per Bag!

Easy Sift wood shavings is the first-of-its-kind horse and poultry bedding that lasts longer and performs better. The product is named Easy Sift because the shavings fall through the forks when sifting a stall reducing the amount of wood shavings that are wasted. When cleaning a stall with other horse bedding, just as much clean shaving is removed as manure because of the curl and air space factors. With Easy Sift only the waste is removed.

Queen Easy Sift™ Pine Shavings for Horse & Poultry BeddingQueen Easy Sift pine shavings are:

  • Kiln Dried
  • Double Screened
  • Low Dust

Come in to our Ball Ground store and stock up on this special offer! Not available in our Gainesville store.

Directions and map to Cherokee Feed & Seed store locations.

This Special has expired. Sign up for our VIP Mailing List to get the latest Coupons & Specials from Cherokee Feed & Seed.

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