Assess Your Mineral Program

Assess Your Mineral ProgramOne of the most important tasks is to assess your mineral program. Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge where your cow’s nutritional needs are. Luckily, Purina has published some helpful suggestions to assist you. Check them out below!

How much should I feed?

  • This is a great question. Weather, forage quality and seasonality all impact cattle mineral consumption. On average, cattle should consume four ounces of mineral per head per day. This should include a proper balance of 14 essential micro and macro minerals.

Should I feed seasonally or yearly?

  • Feed cattle mineral year-round for optimal breeding results. Constant intake helps guarantee nutritional success. If you can’t commit to a year-round program, consider switching up formulas to still reach your goal. Products like Wind and Rain Fly Control Mineral or Wind and Rain Hi Mag Mineral are built for your best results.

Cattle Mineral Deficiency

Outward appearance says a lot. Here are a few warning signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Cattle look rough overall
  • Dull, rough haircoat
  • Cloudy, watery eyes
  • Whites of eyes look yellow
  • Lethargic, discontent or uneasy disposition
  • Considerable physical variation between cows

If you see any of these signs, it could mean your herd is mineral deficient. If some look better than others, boost the amount you’re providing.

Is it Affecting Breeding Results?

This gets tricky. You might think your breeding program is working just fine, but it’s possible your cows aren’t living up to their full potential. Don’t settle.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Are cows breeding back?
  • How many cows breed back in the first heat cycle?
  • Is the breeding season longer than 85 days?
  • Are conception rates over 90 percent?

When cows aren’t efficiently breeding back and staying bred, your calving season gets longer, affecting your calf crop uniformity and your bottom line. Break the cycle by providing a proven cattle mineral. Assess your mineral program and get started!

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