Deer Food Plot Mixes

Use Deer Food Plot Mixes to Attract Deer and Keep Them Coming Back

Cherokee Feed & Seed offers several types of deer food plot mixes to create food plots that attract deer and keep them in your hunting area. It’s important to feed deer year-round with proper nutrition. We invite you to come into the store or contact us to speak with an expert food plot specialist.

Products include:

  • Rackmaster Deluxe
  • Rackmaster Elite
  • Rackmaster Feeding Frenzy
  • Trophy Radish Plus
  • Trophy Radish
  • Durana Clover
  • White Dutch Clover
  • Crimson Clover
  • La Dino Clover
  • Imperial White Tail Clover
  • Clover Trio
  • Imperial No-Plow Seed Blend
  • Iron Clay
  • Australian Winter Peas
  • Buck Forage Oats
  • Trophy Radish
  • Gain Liquid Calcium
  • Deer Greens
  • Chicory

Special Ordering Available

Cherokee Feed & Seed can special order any deer food plot seeds not shown on the Website or in the store. Please contact us to discuss establishing a food plot on your hunt property.