What Type of Hay Are You Looking For?

Alfalfa, Orchard, Timothy, Fescue, or a Hay Mix?

Cherokee Feed & Seed takes great pride in the quality of our hay. Come into our store in Ball Ground, Georgia to see and smell the best quality horse hays on the market. Don’t settle for anything less! You can purchase by the bale or schedule delivery by the trailer load to your farm or facility. Delivery is available to many locations, but please call to check for delivery to your area. Cherokee Feed & Seed carries round and square bales.

High Quality Hay For Horses

We carry square bales, round bales and by the truckload.

Square Bales

Round and square bales of hay at Cherokee Feed & Seed

  • Coastal Bermuda
  • Orchard/Alfalfa 2nd cutting
  • Orchard/Fescue
  • Kentucky Fescue
  • Kentucky Timothy
  • Canadian Timothy
  • Timothy/Alfalfa 2nd cutting
  • Western Alfalfa
  • Colorado Alfalfa Compressed Bales
  • Colorado Orchard/Alfalfa Compressed Bales
  • Colorado Timothy Compressed Bales
  • Orchard Grass
  • Wheat Straw

Cherokee Feed & Seed sells square and round bales in large and small quantities.

Round Bales

  • Fescue
  • Bermuda
  • Orchard/Alfalfa
  • Coastal Bermuda
  • Timothy/Alfalfa from Kentucky
  • Western alfalfa
  • …and more



Call us for discount volume prices. Large volume pricing starts at 100 bales.