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Forage Alternative During Hay Shortages

Fiber is an essential part of every horse’s diet.  Feeding a minimum of 1 percent body weight in forage per ...

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Hay Shortages & Horse Hay Forage Alternatives

The recent strings of years of drought have provided some serious problems with finding good quality hay for our horses. ...

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Beat the Buzz: Cattle Fly Control Program

Pesky horn flies can become prolific in spring. However, early-season planning can help keep fly populations under control all season long. ...

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Seminole Wellness Horse Feed Savings

Take advantage of Cherokee Feed & Seed's Seminole Wellness Horse Feed Savings! Save $3 OFF per BAG on all Seminole Wellness  ...

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Ruth Chapman Wins Purina Summit Club

Congratulations to our own Ruth Chapman at Cherokee Feed & Seed! Ruth's outstanding sales efforts resulted in her winning the 2018 Pu ...

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