Stall Shavings and Horse Bedding

Did you know that Cherokee Feed & Seed carries a variety of shavings and bedding? Browse these brands below or stop in today and speak with one of our experts!


Greentree shavings: premium, select blend ,easy pick ,pellets

Greentree Bedding

  • Premium
  • Select Blend
  • Easy Pick
  • Pellets

Pelleted Shavings at Cherokee Feed & Seed in Ball Ground and Gainesville, GA


  • Equine Pine Pellets
  • Woody Pet Pellets
  • Greentree Pellets

Special Ordering Available

If we don’t have what you need in stock, Cherokee Feed & Seed would be happy to make a special order for you. To place an order for horse health products, please contact us.

airlite animal bedding

Airlite USA animal bedding

Healthy, Economical and Environmentally Friendly Animal Bedding

Cherokee Feed & Seed announces the availability of Airlite USA animal bedding at all of our store locations. Airlite bedding is made from new, unused recycled cardboard and goes through a manufacturing process the makes it virtually dust, spore and allergen free. Along

airlite animal bedding - The Healthy Choice is available at Cherokee Feed & Seed stores.

with its absorption rate, recycled cardboard is the healthiest alternative to other types of bedding for your animals. Airlite bedding is perfect for horses with allergies or breathing issues an

d helpful to horses struggling with founder or laminitis.

Airlite USA is also a desirable choice for the environment. It demonstrates a composting rate of 4-6 weeks compared to a 4-8 month rate for traditional pine shavings. Because of the constant demands and legislation to deal with the ongoing issue of manure management, Airlite is in position to be the accepted alternative for bedding in response to this issue.


airlite animal bedding - The Healthy Choice is available at Cherokee Feed & Seed stores.Large Animal or Small Animal Bedding

Suitable for every type of animal, large or small, reptiles and birds, Airlite bedding is the perfect solution for maintaining the well-being of your animals and a clean environment for animal owners. Click to learn more about this innovative bedding product that is 100% biodegradable at Airlite USA.

Queen Easy Sift™ Pine Shavings

Easy Sift wood shavings is the first-of-its-kind horse and poultry bedding that lasts longer and performs better. The product is named Easy Sift because the shavings fall through the forks when sifting a stall reducing the amount of wood shavings that are wasted. When cleaning a stall with other horse bedding, just as much clean shaving is removed as manure because of the curl and airspace factors. With Easy Sift only the waste is removed.

Queen Easy Sift pine shavings are:

  • Kiln Dried
  • Double Screened
  • Low Dust

Come into our Ball Ground store and stock up on this special offer! Available at our Ball Ground store.