Buy Four Get One Free: BUCKEYE EQ8™ Performance

Buckeye EQ8 Performance Gut Health Feed for Horses. 40-lb equine feed bag.Buy Four Get One Free: BUCKEYE EQ8™ Performance 40 LB. BAG. Offer ends July 31st, last pickup/delivery ends August 6th, 2021.

EQ8™ Performance Gut Health Extruded Feed:

Includes Well-Gut Ingredients:

1) Marine-sourced calcium plus reduced starch to provide gastric and hindgut support.

2) Heat-stabilized yeast and super fibers to deliver prebiotics.

3) Tailored blend of active live probiotics.

12% fat, calorie-dense feed for all levels of performance
Fortified with GRO ‘N WIN amino acids, minerals and vitamins

In conclusion, visit Cherokee for special promotions. Including Buy Four Get One Free: Buckeye’s EQ8™ Performance!

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