Chicken Supplies

Shop your local Cherokee Feed & Seed store for chicken supplies. We offer everything you need to get started raising a flock, or continuing raising your chickens.

Find heat lamps, waterers, automatic waterers, a variety of different types of chicken feeders, even a beginner poultry kit to get you started on your backyard flock and raising chickens.

Don’t forget your chicken feeds. From chick starter feeds (medicated and non-medicated), layer feeds, treats, and scratch, we have you and your flock covered. You can check out our brands here. If you’re bringing home baby chicks you’ll want to start off with a chicken starter feed for the first 17-20 weeks. Once your chicks start laying, you’ll switch to a layer feed.

Head on over to Cherokee Feed & Seed for your chicks and chicken supplies. Chicks arrive in March 2020 at all 3 of our stores.

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