Control Horn Flies on Cattle

Cherokee Feed & Seed has Solutions to Your Horn Fly Problems.

Did you know that the horn fly is one of the most economically damaging pests of range cattle in the United States?

Horn Flies cost cattle producers approximately $1 billion every year.

At a recent Cattle Meeting at Cherokee Feed & Seed the economic problem that is created by horn flies was identified by Brian Hupp of Central Life Sciences the manufacturer of Altosid® IGR. Brian Hupp of Central Life Sciences.

Horn Flies are small, black flies that are blood feeders. They remain on cattle day and night. Adult flies live 10 to 20 days and mate on animals. The leave hosts to lay eggs in fresh manure that is less than five minutes old.

There can be 1,000 to 4,000 flies per cow at common peak times. University data says 200 flies per beef cow is the economic threshold.

Cattle heavily attacked by horn flies my suffer a loss of 0.5 pounds of flesh per day and milk production may be reduced.

Let’s look at some options to reduce the economic impact of horn flies on your herd.

Purina Wind and Rain®Storm® Fly Control Minerals!

Purina Wind and Rain® minerals contain the proper balance and ratios of all 14 essential cattle minerals.  Matching the correct product for the cattleman’s available forage assures cattle receive the mineral nutrition they need for health, growth and reproduction and fly protection. You can purchase Purina Mineral Tubs with Altosid® IGR. Altosid IGR prevents the Horn Fly pupae from maturing to an adult fly.

Purina Wind and Rain Cattle Mineral tub

Watch this video to learn about the life cycle of the Horn Fly.

Watch this video about Horn Flies to see why they are so costly.

Stop by Cherokee Feed & Seed stores in Ball Ground and Gainesville, GA for a demo or to purchase. See more Cattle Information videos on the Cherokee Feed & Seed YouTube Channel.

VetGun™ an innovative delivery platform for effective fly control when and where you need it.

VetGun is the first-of-its-kind delivery system that provides precise dosage, remotely in the field, with a simple pull of a trigger. You can apply a proven topical insecticide for effective control of horn flies from a safe distance of 15 to 30 feet, with no confining, no handling and no stress.

The VetGun is the only approved delivery system for the AiM-L™ VetCaps. It’s simple to operate, accurate and reliable. The VetGun is designed and manufactured with the highest standards and materials to consistently deliver each capsule to the target animal and is supported by an exceptional service guarantee.

Cherokee Feed & Seed sells cattle products and horn fly solutions.

We have solutions to Horn Flies at Cherokee Feed & Seed.

Stop by and ask us about other ways to manage your fly population, ranging from the VetGun to fly tags to fly bait to fly predators to pour on fly control!

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