Cool Stance Horse Feed

Cherokee Feed & Seed offers  Cool Stance Horse Feed. Cool Stance Copra is a unique horse feed low in Non-Structural Carbohydrate (NSC) and high in digestible energy content. Unlike competitors, Cool Stance is suitable for most horses and can be fed to maintain a natural state of gut health and insulin sensitivity, i.e. normal insulin metabolism. Cool Stance copra is packed with ‘cool’ energy from coconut oil and fiber from coconut meal.

Cool Stance copra is made from the white part of the coconut, which has been dried, baked, and ground. Totally natural and GMO-free.

Key Benefits:

CoolStance® Copra

  • Cool Stance copra has been fed as a quality product to horses for over 25 years
  • It provides high-density ‘cool’ energy from oil and digestible fiber (1630 calories/lbs. DM).
  • Contains <2% starch and may reduce the effect of hot or fizzy behavior in horses
  • Contains < 11% Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC) making it a low GI (glycemic index) feed
  • Contains coconut oil, which is a saturated oil and is not prone to rancidity or oxidation
  • MCT maintains a healthy gut
  • Provides a balanced supply of protein and energy
  • Highly palatable, even for picky eaters
  • Leads to a better body, hoof, and coat condition
  • Reduces hay requirement
  • Helps to avoid metabolic disorders (tying up, laminitis, colic, EMS).

To get the best results with the Stance Equine Feeding System:

    • Remove all grain and grain-based feed from the diet.
    • Feed Cool Stance copra at the rate recommended, depending upon work or exercise levels.
    • Feed a quality grass hay or pasture to provide the remainder of the diet.
    • Provide fresh, clean water away from the Cool Stance feeder to ensure the horses leave the feed trough. This should be done for all feeds, as it will slow down the rate of eating and assist digestion.
    • For most horses, Cool Stance® and hay will provide the required amounts of minerals and vitamins. *Depending on your soil, grass and hay profile, a balanced mineral and vitamin supplement may be required.
    • Horses were designed to eat little and often and usually graze for 16-18 hours per day. Feeding twice per day may cause “insulin spikes” which can predispose horses to insulin resistance. This can be avoided by feeding less food, more often. Thus, if feeding more than twice per day is not practical, feed the hay in a hay net which forces the horse to eat the hay over many hours.
    • For example, for a 500 kg horse, feed 1 kg Cool Stance and 3 kg hay both morning and evening. Adjust the amount of Cool Stance depending on the level of work.
    • Remove all treats that contain sugar or starch.

Stop by Cherokee Feed & Seed to treat your horses right and purchase Cool Stance Horse Feed today!


Source: Stance Equine USA


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