Southland Fisheries Fish Truck Visits

Southland Fisheries Fish Truck visits Southland Fisheries Fish Truck visits our Gainesville location on Wednesday, March 8th from 2-2:30 PM. Pre-order to stock your pond! Must be called in ( 1-803-776-4923) 5 business days before the day of the visit.

Southland Fisheries will put your fish in a bag filled with water and pure oxygen for transporting your fish. We just ask that you bring coolers to protect the bags from tearing and from the heat. A 48 quart cooler holds approximately two bags, and all species are bagged separately. Here is a general breakdown of the number of fish per bag:

Carp 8″-11″: Up to 10 per bag
Carp 12″+: Up to 5 per bag
Bluegill/Shellcracker and other sunfish 1″-3″: Up to 300-500 per bag
Channel Catfish 3″-5″: Up to 100-200 per bag
Largemouth Bass 1″-3″: Up to 300-500 per bag
Mosquito Fish: Up to 500 per bag

Visit Cherokee when the Southland Fisheries Fish Truck Visits!

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Mar 08 2023


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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