Free Horse Feed Evaluation and Feed Trial

Free Equine Feed Evaluation and Feed TrialFree Horse Feed Evaluation and Feed Trial: Learn how to design a Cost-Effective Horse Feeding program without compromising your horse’s health.

Cherokee Feed & Seed’s Purina Specialist, Peggy Miles, offers a free feed evaluation and feed trial for horses. Sign up with the contact form below! For more information please call Peggy at PAS 770-241-2222.

Feed is an expense you’re never going to be without as long as you own horses. However, we can’t blame you for wanting to find ways to cut feed costs without sacrificing your horses’ health or performance. For example, when evaluating these costs, we generally look at forage, including pasture and hay, grain (concentrates), and supplements. Above all, the goal is to optimize a feeding program and, at the same time, spend less.

How to Evaluate and Reduce Your Feed Cost:

• Calculate The Cost Of Your Current Program: Make a spreadsheet
• Hay: What kind? How many pounds per day?
• Price Bag Of Feed:
• Size of Bag: 50 Lb bag? 40 Lb bag?
Price Per Pound: Price of bag divided by pounds in bag: $29 divided by 50 lbs = $0.58 per Lb
• Feeding Directions: Amount needed to get the nutrition the feed is designed for.
• How many pounds is each horse getting? Weigh your feed.
• Supplements? Cost and are they necessary?

Spreadsheet for horse feed evaluation

NOTE: Feeding A Cheaper Feed May Not Save Money


Why Feeding Directions Are So Important:

The recommended feeding rate based on weight of horse and activity level is the minimum amount to get the correct nutrition of that feed. Always read the directions. For instance, some feeds have higher feeding rates and will end up costing you more if fed correctly. For Example:

In this example, this is a 14% fat feed with the directions to feed a 1,000 lb horse in moderate work, 8-
11 Lbs. The cost for a 50 Lb bag is $38.99 which is $0.78/Lb. The cost per head per day is $6.24.
Now look at a feed that has the feeding rate of 6 Lbs/day for the same 1,000 Lb horse in moderate
work. This feed is $39 for a 50 Lb bag. The price per pound again is $0.78, but as a result, with a 6 Lb feeding rate, the cost per head per day is $4.68.

The difference of cost per head per day may seem small. However, see how it adds up:
Difference in cost: 1.56
1. Savings per month: 46.80
2. per year: 569.40
3. Savings per year for 10 horses: $5,694.00

In conclusion, to learn more about Cost-Effective Horse Feeding, click here to read tips and information provided by The Horse. Most importantly, sign up below for a Free Horse Feed Evaluation and Feed Trial!

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