Now is the Time to Seed your Pastures

Seed your Pastures: NO-TILL SEED DRILL RENTAL AT CHEROKEE FEED & SEEDNow is the Time to Seed your Pastures: Growing lush, nutritious forage for your cattle, horses and deer food plots is much more than just planting seed. When you plant seed is just as an important factor as the type of seed due to the type of grass climate we have in Georgia. You should reseed in the fall, especially if the summer has been very hot/dry and the cool weather grasses have likely died off.
Call or visit Cherokee Feed & Seed today to discuss the right combination of seed, lime and fertilizer to get your pasture in tip top shape!


First, start with a Soil Test Report. We have links to help you get this on our Pasture Seeding, Fertilizing & Liming Services page. The soil test report provides the exact elements expressed in pounds per acre needed for productive growth. Information is used by your pasture maintenance provider to create a custom bulk mix of seed, fertilizer and lime. Nutrients should be applied in the right amount because over-fertilizing can acidify the soil, potentially pollute surface waters with unused nutrient runoff and waste money for you. However, if you are still not sure how to get started call our stores and we will help you.


It is not too early to book our No-Till Seed Drill. With the hot and dry summer season, the pastures have really taken a beating.

Cherokee Feed & Seed has rental availability of a no-till grass seed drill that places seed directly into the soil without plowing, tilling or disking. The Haybuster 107C Seed Drill is a heavy-duty unit that is easily pulled by a 50 hp or greater tractor.

Rent the seed drill to:

  • Revitalize existing pastures and hay fields
  • Improve forage stands by adding legumes to pure grass stands and to strengthen weak grass stands
  • Establish new hay fields, deer food plots or wildlife habitats
  • Completely reseed forage stands that have become unproductive

Visit our No-Till Drill Rental page for details. Sign up early. This is a popular item to rent.


A strong stand of rich, green grass can be the best and least expensive source of nutrition for your horses or cattle. Good grass is natural roughage and provides the protein, vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced ration. To keep or improve your pastures’ quality, you may need to fertilize, lime or spray for weeds. Weeds in your pasture may choke out grass or could even harm your livestock. Unwanted weeds should be cut down or sprayed with with an herbicide like Grazon or 2 4D.

Visit our Pasture Seeding, Fertilizing & Liming Services page for useful information and links to help you get started improving your pastures.


Ag Sprayer RM200, 200 Gallon, 3 PT Sprayers for Sale. Hand gun. Boom and boomless nozzle. 40’ spray width.

Above all, Cherokee Feed & Seed can special order any pasture or grass seed not shown on our Website or in the store. Please contact us to discuss your pasture seed needs in more detail.

In conclusion, now is the time to sed your pastures! Call our store to learn what equipment is available at Cherokee Feed & Seed Stores to help you.

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