Prepare Your Cattle for Winter

Prepare Cattle for WinterPrepare your cattle for winter months with Cherokee Feed & Seed! We have a full supply of Accuration Tubs and liquid feed available.

Supporting cattle’s nutrient needs as forage quality declines is a must. But how can you accomplish this in an efficient, easy-to-manage way?

Block and tub supplements are a great option. They keep cattle performing at their peak without the stress of additional labor or management needs.

Purina Accuration Hi-Fat Block is a premium, weather-resistant, protein block with fat, vitamins and minerals added that is designed to balance nutrient deficiencies in fair quality forages such as native or improved grass hay or poor quality forages such as dormant grasses or crop residues.

It is available in block or tub forms. Convenient to feed, allowing feeding location to be varied in order to encourage more uniform consumption of the available forage.

In conclusion, read these tips from our blog for more help with managing and feeding to prepare your cattle for winter.

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