Rental Seed/Grain Drills Available

Rental seed/grain drills available at Cherokee Feed & Seed storesRent it Now! No-Till Seed Drill Plants Seeds at Grower’s Recommended Depth!

Cherokee Feed & Seed understands that purchasing pasture seed is an investment in the future. You’re expecting a return-on-investment in the form of beautiful, lush grass that feeds your animals and keeps hay costs as low as possible. An option to keep costs down is rental seed/grain drills.

Cherokee Feed & Seed offers two rental seed/grain drills, at a very reasonable price, to plant seeds at precisely the grower’s recommended depth. Each seed drill is heavy-duty and can revitalize existing hay pastures and hay fields. You can also rent them to establish deer food plots or wildlife habitats. All you need is a 50 hp or greater tractor with hydraulic hose connections.

So, get out there with confidence knowing that the seed grass you plant is going to get results. Learn more about No-Till Seed & Grain Drill Rental in Georgia at Cherokee Feed & Seed.


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