Stocking Your Pond: Alabama Fish & Pond

Oct ’20
9:00 am

Interested in stocking your pond? Alabama Fish & Pond visits Cherokee Feed & Seed in Ball Ground, GA on Thursday, October 15th at 9:00 am.

You can pick up your fish at a Feed Store or CO-OP on their Fish Day with NO delivery fee and no minimum order, OR we will deliver directly to your pond or lake for a minimum order ($600+) and delivery fee.  The delivery fee is based on distance one way to your pond or lake.


When you pick up your bag(s) of fish at the Store you should put the bags into a dry Cooler and close the lid to transport them home.  This keeps the water temperature in the bags stable and will protect them from damage.  One 48 quart cooler will hold two bags of fish.  If you have large Coolers, divide by 24 to find out how many bags they can hold.  Each bag of fish is about 24 quarts.

We bag the fish species separately, and we put a set number of fingerlings in each bag along with water and pure oxygen.  You can see the different number of fingerlings we put in a bag below.  Use the numbers to calculate how many bags you will have.

​We can calculate this bag total for you when you place your order to let you how many coolers or boxes to bring.  Just ask us to give you the number of bags for your order.  If you close your bags in Coolers you should have 3-4 hours to get them home and into your pond.

FISH FINGERLINGS – How Many Per Bag = How Many Coolers To Bring

Bass and Tilapia 1″- 2″:   up to 300 per bag
Fathead Minnows /  Mosquito Fish 1/2″-1″:   up to 500 per bag
Bluegill/Shellcracker Bream 1″- 2″:   up to 300 per bag
Channel Catfish 3″- 6″:   up to 100 per bag
Grass Carp 3″- 5″:   up to 100 per bag
Grass Carp 8″- 10″:   up to 10 per bag

Larger Fish:   up to 10 per bag

One 48 quart cooler will hold two bags of fish… if you have large Coolers divide them by 24 Qts to see how many bags of fish they will hold.


Put the bags into your pond in the water (near the shallow end, dragging the bottom so they don’t float out) for 10 to 15 minutes.  10 to 15 minutes should bring the water in the bags close to the same temperature as the pond.  Please time it so you don’t forget them.

Do not leave the bags in the water for more than 20 minutes or the sun may overheat and kill your fish.  After 10 to 15 minutes open the bag(s) and pour the fingerlings directly into the pond. DO NOT open the bags until you are ready to pour the fish into the pond.  You remove their oxygen as soon as you open the bag.  Plan to pour them directly in as soon as you remove the bag band.

Your fingerlings should then happily disappear into your pond.  If the temperature is still a shock to them, some may be stunned for a minute before swimming off.

​If you follow these instructions we guarantee your fish will be alive and healthy as they go into your pond.  Call us if you have questions or problems at 256-878-4111.



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