Tips for Safely Using Rodent Bait Products

Tips for Safely Using Rodent Bait Products: Rat and mouse poison products, if misused, can potentially harm you, your children, or your pets.  Most importantly, always read the product label and follow all directions when using pesticides.


  • Always store pesticides away from the reach of children and pets. For example, in a locked utility cabinet or garden shed.
  • Place traps or baits only in locations where children and pets cannot access them.
  • Never store pesticides next to food, including pet food.
  • Read and follow the instructions on the pesticide label.
  • To prevent accidental poisoning of wildlife and pets that might eat a dead animal, promptly remove and dispose of carcasses of dead rodents.

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If it’s time for you to re-up your supply, visit us soon! New EPA regulations to make all bulk rodenticides RESTRICTED USE PRODUCTS (RUP) will jeopardize our’s and customer’s access.

What Will This Mean for All Farm and Dealer Stores and Customers?

  • All rodenticides (except small disposable packages) will be ELIMINATED from store shelves
    • Therefore, stores would need licenses to sell RUP items
    • Users would need licenses to acquire RUP’s
  • Farmers, producers, growers and other farm & dealer store consumers will have no legitimate alternatives available for population control. Possible ramifications, as a result:
        • Firstly, cost increases and disruption in the food supply chain
        • Secondly, increased risk of fires
        • Thirdly, likelihood of increases in food-borne rodent disease (salmonella, leptospirosis) and other rodent disease (hantavirus, plague, typhus and a litany of others)
        • With pre-filled disposable bait station as the only option, tens of millions of additional plastic components will be introduced into the waste supply stream, as a result
          • To clarify, there may be no opportunity to recycle them due to pesticide residue

Above all, always follow these Tips for Safely Using Rodent Bait Products. If you wish to continue using rodenticides, firstly, we recommend that you send communications directly to Steven R. Peterson, the EPA Chemical Review Manager. Secondly, copy the other EPA representatives. In addition, we also recommend that you copy your senate and/or congressional representatives as the EPA is very sensitive to their inputs. Comments sent after 2/4/22 WILL NOT be considered by EPA!

In conclusion, find the contacts below:


Chemical Review Manager
Steven R. Peterson
Risk Management and Implementation Branch I
Pesticide Re-evaluation Division
Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA

Pesticide Re-Evaluation Division – Director
Elissa Reaves, Director
Phone: 202-566-1925

EPA Pesticide Programs – Director
Edward Messina, Director
Phone: 202-566-1245

Sources: EPA

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