Ultra GH Topdress

Ultra GH TopdressUltra GH Topdress is a pelleted supplement formulated to optimize digestive health in horses at maintenance or in training.

Product Details

  • Formulated with Tribute’s TRIPLE THREAT Gut Health Approach: Equi-Ferm XL, specific organic minerals, and carefully chosen direct-fed microbials.
  • Incorporated direct-fed microbials are viable and heat-stable microbial feed additives available to maintain normal gut function during times of stress.
  • The organic minerals included have been shown in controlled university studies to promote a healthy stomach lining.
  • Equi-Ferm XL is a microencapsulated dry active yeast (pre- and probiotics). Proven research ensures viability during processing and passage to the hindgut.


Stop into Cherokee Feed & Seed located in Ball Ground, and Gainesville, Georgia for any and all of your equine needs including Ultra GH Topdress equine supplement from Tribute. Have questions? Please contact us and a helpful member of our staff will reach out to you. Find out more information about this and other Tribute Feeds on Tribute Equine Nutrition’s website here.


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